The Winner of the Social Media Competition at Aventura Parks Announced

Jan 12, 2023
social media competition at Aventura

Undeniably, winter is the most-awaited period for children as they witness the other side of nature. Aventura Parks has always come forward with something exciting for thrill seekers, and this time was no different.

The social media competition at Aventura Parks was a delightful blend of digitalization and physical nourishment. It was an opportunity for guests to have a wonderful visit to the enthralling and captivating Ghaf tree forest and post their experiences on social media to win a cash prize.

The Purpose Behind The Social Media Content Competition at Aventura Parks

Over the years, Aventura has maintained its reputation for housing the biggest Zipline adventure park in Dubai. Moreover, it has granted visitors the most thrilling plays with epic adventures and natural beauty. This year, we planned to surprise our visitors with an out-of-the-box idea on our 6th anniversary by hosting a social media competition at Aventura.

After six successful years of nourishing guests among nature, the outdoor adventure park strove to incorporate digital gadgets. The competition was hosted to encourage and boost the attendees’ photography, visual and creative skills. In exchange for a cash prize worth 5000 AED, people had to post an overwhelmingly impressive picture, a video, or a reel of their experience at the park.

And The Winner Is…?

Guess what? We have the name of the winner who successfully posted the best moments at the park, which were captured perfectly. Rheanna Gharib is the winner of a hefty cash prize worth 5000 AED by submitting an amazing video for the social media competition at Aventura Parks.

The Offer is Still Available At Aventura Parks

The social media competition at Aventura may come to an end, but the fun continues. You can partake in many adventures of your choice. You will be glad to know that the park still promises a 10% discount if you make the booking online.

How to Get the Online Discount?

 Booking a visitation online is as quick as it is easy. Once you’ve selected the activities you want to try, choose a timetable that suits you. Continue with the process and then checkout. Opt for any add-ons; if any, enter your contact information. Next, insert the code “ONLINE10” in the “Apply discount code”, and that’s it. Now you must be left only with the payment details, so you’ll get the booking after the verification.

What’s Trending at Aventura Parks?

From exploring Dubai’s largest Zipline park to navigating rabbit holes, Aventura Parks is all about learning by experiencing.

 Besides thrilling adventures, Aventura Parks grants an overview of Emirati culture as you seek out an ancient rock. With that said, we offer a wide range of activities and challenges, thereby providing a platform for kids to put their brimming energies to the best use.

 Besides, how is it possible that the winter has already set in, and you haven’t prepared your children for midterm camps? While nourishing your kids mentally and physically is a motto of Aventura Parks, what’s more? Activities including tent setup, greeting the wildlife, and learning art and craft boosts brain-storming. In addition, they become self-dependent without needing tutorials. And the best part is the provision of the completion certificate post-camping to skyrocket your kids’ self-assurance.

 With the end of the competition and the winner announcement, the entertainment is still on. So, if you want your child to experience all the fun, bring them to Aventura Parks today!