Who can take part in Adventure Park activities?

Adults and children enjoy the circuits at Aventura Parks. Our Rangers circuit is perfect for anyone 1.15m or above. Visitors must be 1.25m to enjoy the Explorador circuit  and 1.4m and above to enjoy our Aventura and Thriller circuits. Visitors must be at least 1.6m tall and 16 years old to participate on the Extreme circuit. Children must be 1.05m or above to participate in MiniKids independently.

How much time will I have in the Adventure Park?

Timing in the Adventure Park depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Adventure Park basic package allows visitors to have a harness for up to three hours, including the safety briefing. The Single Circuit Experience allows visitors to have a harness for up to 1.5 hours, including the safety briefing. Visitors may enjoy the The Ghafé or Nature trail before or after their Adventure Park experience.

What else can visitors do if they decide not to visit the Adventure Park?

Aventura is located in a Ghaf tree forest and visitors can enjoy the Nature Trail, the Bucket List activities as well as just chill at The Ghafé.

What safety measures are there at Aventura Parks?

At Aventura Parks, safety is a priority. All visitors are trained to use the equipment and all Aventura activities and challenges are 100% safe. The entire park has been developed and audited to meet the special EU safety regulations (EN15567) and is constantly monitored by professionally trained staff.

Do you have staff trained in first aid?

Yes, we do. All our Coaches have first aid qualifications.

Is food and drink available at Aventura Parks?

Yes. The Ghafé offers delicious salads, great burgers and sandwiches, creative and healthy pastas, and fresh Pizzas baked in-house. The Ghafé offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee with park views around you. 

What type of Facilities are provided?

Restrooms, conference rooms for meetings and events, and The Ghafé seating areas are available.

What should we wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and closed toe footwear with good grips. Long hair must be tied-back.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Aventura provides all the equipment necessary for you to take part in the activities. You may want to bring a camera to capture the special adventure and nature moments.