Get up to 3 hours of unlimited exhilaration and fun with our Adventure Park admission tickets. Unplug & Bond with Nature & Adventure on Aventura’s circuits, based on height and age.

Adventure Park

Up to 3 hours

Category Height Price Circuits
(Up to 3 Hours)
Minimum height

1.6 m

minimum age 16

AED 195
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(Up to 3 Hours)
Minimum height1.4 m AED 185
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(Up to 3 Hours)
From1.25 m to 1.39 m AED 149 Book now
(Up to 3 Hours)

1.15 m to 1.24 m

AED 149 Book now
(Up to 3 hours)
From 1.05 m

children under 1.05 m
must be accompanied
by an adult

AED 95 Book now
Park Visitors
(no games included)
All AED 10 Book now
one circuit
(Up to 1.5 Hours)
Minimum height

1.15 m

AED 95
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nature trail
(up to 1.5 hours)
AED 45 Book now
Challenges(Up to 30 min)
Minimum height1.25 m AED 75
*for each activity
leap of faith
cat walk
jacob’s ladder
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Add ons Price

unlimited water AED 10

Generic Gloves AED 10
Add ons Price

Aventura gloves AED 50

Aventura earth bag AED 15

The beautifully designed Discovery Area, built around the pyramid of learning, is jam-packed with fun activities for toddlers and kids up to 7 years old. From a miniature rock-climbing wall to a short zipline circuit, and a very popular fountain area, little ones can enjoy a fun-filled day for just AED 95.

Minimum height is 1.05M. Children under 1.05M must be accompanied by an adult.

Disc 1
Disc 3
A circuit specially designed for young children, made up of short, easy challenges, at a low height. Parents can observe their children as they have fun exploring the circuit or relax at Café Chris.
Designed for families where adults can join their children on bridges & zip-lines that are great fun and not too difficult. A great introduction to the world of treetop adventures.
Our most unique circuit filled with exhilarating zip-lines. The level of difficulty is low but the height is high! Buckle up and surf through the trees on 9 consecutive zip-lines connected by two bridges, ending with our longest 166-meter zip-line, the biggest thrill.
Now the adrenaline really starts to get going! A medium difficulty circuit for visitors 1.4m and above, with both the height and complexity of the challenges increasing... finishing off with 3 amazing zip-lines in a row.
This is the place for the most daring! Get ready for our most famous 25 meter Tarzan jump and the amazing surfboard through the trees. A more difficult circuit in which the obstacles are the most challenging and some of the highest off the ground.


Take your pick on one of our exhilarating adventure circuits for just AED 95 and you can enjoy up to 90 minutes of fun. One circuit experience includes: RANGERS, EXPLORADOR, AVENTURA or THRILLER. Ideal for a quick visit or a great workout. Enjoy your time and immerse yourself in the beautiful, natural surroundings.

Enjoy wholesome and fresh food at Café Chris after an adventure or just chilling in nature.

Good To Know


The briefing begins with a safety video and our team coaches visitors through the training stations to ensure understanding of how to use the equipment. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled briefing slot.


The Adventure Park fun begins at a height of 1.15m. Children under 1.15m can enjoy MiniKids and the Nature Trail Experience is suitable for all ages.


When purchasing the Adventure Park Admission Basic Package tickets you have access to all circuits over 3 hours, including the briefing time, and you can do a circuit as many times as you like.


You should wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a bit dirty and closed toe, flat shoes.


All ages can participate in the Nature Trail. Discovery visitors must be 1.15m to play independently. Visitors under 1.15m may use Discovery as long as they are accompanied by an adult (only the accompanying adult is free of charge). Visitors must be 1.15m to wear a harness for the Adventure Park.


Phones are allowed as long as you have a pocket or Aventura Earth bag to carry it in. We encourage you to take pictures and share on social media.