The Ghafé Restaurant: Your culinary oasis, open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. Sip and savor with our diverse menu, featuring delightful coffee pairings and a range of delectable meals from salads to pasta. Indulge in a warm, welcoming ambiance from dawn till dusk. Chill out and relax in our beautifully designed nature space. This area is jam-packed with delightful backyard and board games, entertainment and fun activities.

The Ghafe Timings
Monday-Thursday 12PM-6PM (except group bookings) Friday-Sunday 12PM-9PM (except group bookings)

The cuisine

The menu’s mix of authentic Levant cuisine, Mediterranean flavors, and American comfort food is hugely inspired by the cultural diversity of the UAE. Chef Rabih Othman has personally designed the menu based on his passion for food and knowledge of the region’s best dishes.

The a la carte menu offers a myriad of choices for all park visitors, ranging from healthy food options to homey comforting meals. Delicious group menus and buffets can also be arranged upon request.

The Ambiance

Surrounded by greenery and basked by relaxing bird chatters, The Ghafé is located in the heart of Dubai’s largest ghaf tree forest and zipline park. This natural sanctuary is the perfect social hub for families and friends looking for a peaceful escape in Dubai far from the city’s hectic atmosphere

With so many fun activities to enjoy around Aventura Parks, The Ghafé is the spot to unwind and indulge in simple yet distinctive food. Not only will The Ghafé offer a unique natural setting, but visitors can expect various terraces and live cooking stations where families can make the best memories.

The story

The Ghafé name came to us naturally, in line with the parks mission statement of “fostering learning through play”. Our goal is to raise awareness on the UAE’s beloved national tree, the ghaf

The ghaf, which goes by its scientific name prosopis cineraria, also known as shami or khejri, was declared as the national tree in 2008 – due to its cultural, historical, and environmental significance. The ghaf tree tolerates harsh conditions and makes the land hospitable for those around it. There is a saying that goes thus: “Death will not visit a man, even at the time of a famine, if he has a ghaf, a goat and a camel, since the three together will sustain a man even under the most trying conditions"

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