Aventura Parks

Up to 3 hours

Category Height Price Circuits
black Minimum height

1.6 m

minimun age 16
AED 185 Book now
Red Minimum height

1.4 m

AED 185 Book now
Blue From

1.25 m to 1.39 m

AED 149 Book now
Green Minimum height

1.15 m to 1.24 m

AED 149 Book now
(Up to 2 hours)
From 1.05 m children under 1.05 m
must be accompanied
by an adult
AED 65 Book now
Park Visitors
(no games included)
All AED 10 Book now
one curcuit
(Up to 1.5 Hours)
Minimum height

1.15 m

AED 95 Book now
nature trail
(up to 1 hour)
AED 45 Book now

(Up to 30 min)

Minimum height

1.25 m

AED 75
*for each activity
leap of faith
cat walk
jacob's ladder
Book now
Add ons Price
unlimited water AED 10
Gloves Rent AED 15
Add ons Price
new gloves AED 40
Aventura earth bag AED 15