Programs range from a team outing in the Adventure Park to workshops with complex objectives and breakthrough experiences, utilizing special installations in our Team Building Park. Facilitated programs guarantee that your team will engage in problem-solving, active collaboration and powerful conversations.

Aventura’s programs offer meaningful experiences with powerful learning outcomes.

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Designed and built in a Ghaf tree forest, the Adventure Park Fun experience offers everyone a place to play, challenge themselves and exceed their limits, while have fun in the great outdoors. No special fitness condition is required for most circuits, Extreme on the other hand, is a real workout.
Up to 220

Group Size

Up to 3 hours



A fast-paced team challenge with plenty of thrill and collaboration set in a beautiful Ghaf tree forest. Aventura Word Hunt integrates the Adventure Park circuits and team building into a fun and active experience.
10 to 120

Group Size

4 hours



Aventura’s most popular facilitated team building program, Aventura Tribes, is based on client objectives and requirements. Aventura uses cutting edge methodologies that create compelling programs. Your team will go through powerful elements of competition, collaboration and celebration. With a 1:10 ratio of facilitators to participants, programs are engaging and fun.
6 to 120

Group Size

4 to 6 hours



This program can be used as a catalyst for change as it utilizes the Reiss Motivation Profile, a psychometric tool that helps teams and leaders explore their values and motives. Anticipated outcomes include reduced conflicts, unified language at the workplace, improved leadership and increased team performance.
4 to 20

Group Size

8 hours


2 hours

Pre-prep workshop


Aventura Mavericks is a custom team building program or event. Aventura’s facilities become a canvas in a natural setting with a variety of elements available to create a memorable event or breakthrough experience. Aventura builds a program or event based on customer requirements to guarantee fun and adventure. Great option for Corporate Groups, Family events, or Product Launch.

Aventura Team Challenges

An exciting competition which includes elements from the Aventura Obstacle Course and customized challenges in the Team Building Park that promote collaboration, communication and problem solving.
20 to 200

Group Size

4 hours minimum

Min. Height

We also offer Aventura Wellness Experiences. You can become a part of this program and enjoy a 25% exclusive discount on all tickets. This program will remain valid for one year, starting from the registration date.