Aventura Summer Camps–Where Children Can Learn A Few Things And Make New Friends

Jun 20, 2024

Welcome to a summer of exploration and excitement at Aventura Camps! We’re thrilled to offer our specially designed summer camps at two special locations: Bright Learners and Raffles International School. With programs tailored to ignite curiosity and foster development, these camps are the perfect spaces for your child to learn, play, and grow in a cool and safe environment.

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Map Your Journey at Aventura Parks

5-Day Camp

Embark on a grand quest that spans five exhilarating days, each packed with immersive activities and sweeping thematic explorations. Perfect for young adventurers who crave a journey of excitement and learning.

1-Day Camp

Ideal for intrepid explorers looking for a swift, vibrant adventure. Dive into a full day of activities and themes, capturing the essence of the 5-day experience in a single, action-packed day.

What Are the Daily Quests and Activities For Kids?

Each day, whether part of the “5-Day Camp” or “1-Day Camp,” unfolds with a dynamic mix of activities designed to captivate, educate, and inspire.

Nature & Sustainability

Learn about the natural world and its importance to our existence. Activities range from crafting bird feeders from recycled materials to engaging in interactive games that teach sustainable living.

The Arts

Unleash your inner artist with activities that span the creative spectrum, from eco-art installations to dynamic dance routines and theatrical performances, encouraging expressive freedom and artistic collaboration.

Team Building

Forge lasting bonds through exhilarating team challenges. From treasure hunts that require clever collaboration to building structures that test the limits of your imagination, teamwork is your greatest tool.

Movement & Sports

Energize your day with a variety of sports and games. Whether it’s a friendly mini-Olympic competition or a three-legged race across the gym, get ready to move, compete, and have fun!

Science Made Fun

Step into a lab where science dazzles and educates. Conduct experiments that fizz, pop, and explode to reveal the mysteries of science, from chemistry concoctions to physics puzzles that spark curiosity.

All programs end with a finale that includes a presentation, competition, or performance.

Curious About Our Thematic Journeys? Explore the Possibilities!

Regardless of the camp duration you choose, each day is a new chapter in an ongoing adventure story, filled with themes that are as educational as they are entertaining:


  • Planet Protectors – Embracing Sustainability: Explore sustainability with hands-on activities that transform environmental stewardship into a thrilling quest to save the planet.
  • Adventures Lost in Space: Navigate through the cosmos with activities that teach astronomy and physics, turning campers into astronauts exploring the vast universe.
  • Exploring Under the Sea: Plunge into the ocean’s mysteries, discovering marine biology through activities that mimic underwater exploration.
  • Forensic Mysteries Unveiled: Solve intriguing mysteries using forensic science. Each clue brings you closer to cracking the case, teaching critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Journey into the Jurassic: Travel back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Learn about these ancient creatures through fossil digs and models, making prehistoric times come alive.
  • Embracing the Olympic Spirit: Celebrate sportsmanship and physical fitness with a mini-Olympic event. Compete in various sports, learn about healthy competition, and strive for personal bests.

Why Join the Summer Camps at Aventura Parks?

Holistic Development

Our camps are designed to nurture creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, providing a well-rounded experience that contributes to both personal and intellectual growth.

Diverse and Engaging Themes

From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of space, our varied themes keep the adventure exciting and educational, ensuring that every day is a discovery.

Safe and Supportive Environment

Aventura Parks is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive setting where children can explore, learn, and grow with confidence.

Lasting Friendships and Memories

Campers not only have unforgettable adventures but also form lasting friendships, creating fond memories that they will cherish for years to come.

Affordable Opportunities

Take advantage of our early bird specials and sibling discounts, making the summer camp experience even more accessible and affordable for families.

Discover the Exceptional: Summer Camp Reimagined

Aventura Summer Camps offer more than just activities; they offer a chance to grow, explore, make new friends, and have fun.

Don’t let this summer pass by without experiencing it all. Register now and secure a spot in our extraordinary summer camps with an early bird discount. Register your children from ages 5-12 now at Aventura Camps–where they can learn a few things and make new friends.