Recovery Activities Set in Nature to Overtake Occupational Stress

Feb 16, 2022
recovery activities

Looking at the natural world from your office window can have a calming effect on your jittery nerves that usually plan a runaway stunt from workplace stress. Sometimes, colossal paperwork, emails to respond to, and unachievable monthly targets can exceed your capabilities. 

These tasks can become work-related stressors when there is minimal or no support from the surrounding, leading to chronic pain, weak immune system, frustration and low productivity.

Outdoor Activities at Aventura Parks To Break-free from Workplace Stress

Aventura Parks, one of the best outdoor adventure parks in Dubai, stocks a diversified range of activities and challenges that can help you recover from anxiety and bid farewell to workplace stress. The distinct element is that all these recovery activities are set in a natural environment, involving all the details such as rocks, water, leaves, flowers, mud, sticks and many more.

Complementing the restorative effects of nature with activities, Aventura Parks welcomes you to cherish the feeling of aliveness and enhance the self-control required to manage workplace stress. While hiking, camping or walking in the park, your mood improves, and natural elements tackle anxiety and depression.

Outdoor activities at Aventura Parks are designed to stimulate all five senses in a manner that indoor activities cannot. As a matter of fact, when you’re at Aventura, your body will gain vitamin D from the sunshine that protects from osteoporosis to depression to stroke and heart attack.

Keeping all these benefits in mind, Aventura Parks offers the following adrenaline-rushing activities aiming to stimulate smooth recovery from occupational stress. Let’s find out more about them:

Leap Of Faith

Leap of Faith is a genuinely freeing exercise that will put your limitations to the ultimate test. To enjoy this exhilarating experience, you must climb a 5-meter-tall pole, keep your balance, and pledge to yourself that you will leave your comfort zone. Then, leap off the platform and aim for the ball. Didn’t you get it right the first time? Don’t worry. You’ll have lots of opportunities. So, climb that pole once more and leap to strike the ball.

This 30-minute exercise provides an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, it improves your stamina and endurance. The focus required for this Aventura Challenge will help you pay attention to your surroundings that will reduce workplace stress and generate more productive energy in your demanding job.

Mission Impossible

As the name suggests, this team-building activity helps you be the “Tom Cruise” of your group. Each team has to elect a member who will pick up the objects from the ground with the assistance of pulleys on the trees and posts.

Mission Impossible is a thrilling activity that fosters encouragement, trust and motivation. Suppose you are struggling to socialize with your co-workers due to competition and do not talk to anyone about your work-related stress. In that case, this activity will help eliminate inter-group competition and improve the interaction between team members. Simultaneously, this engagement will eliminate the tormenting reality of occupational stress. 

The Spider Web

Among Aventura Parks’ fun activities for team building, The Spider Web has its own distinct significance. Members rely on one another when blinded and entwined in a spider web. And they must escape the web without touching the silk strings. The mission isn’t over until every team member exits the web.

If you want to see how your team works together, this is one of the finest team building activities. It will guide you to go through difficult times, overcome difficulties, and tackle problems when your team works together.

During these trying times, one individual must assume the role of leader and guide others. In the presence of a leader and team spirit, you will feel supported, which will counter your workplace stress and anxiety. The work is divided, and a clear vision lies ahead of you.

Most importantly, you have a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes, that can be your co-worker who is going through the same pressure and workplace stress. Talking to the leader or co-worker about job stress can help prevent the onset of panic attacks and depression.

Cat Walk

Concentration and confidence are the key ingredients involved in championing the Cat Walk. In this Aventura Challenge, you will have to scale a pole and walk over the wooden plank. But here comes the twist. You will be blindfolded during the whole activity.

Now, consider walking a narrow wooden plank at a specific height with no support on both sides. That is the thrilling sensation that Cat Walk offers. If you fail the first time, try again and see how far you can push yourself. You will, of course, be tethered during this exercise, making it safe. It’s all about mind over matter and confidence to get you through this one-of-a-kind cat walk.

Significantly, all your senses will focus on the natural elements such as the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, the feel of the air on your skin, the textured wooden bark beneath your feet and the fragrance of blooming flowers. It will slow down your heart rate, your muscles will relax, and your mind will be clear. As a result, the extremity of workplace stress will vanish into thin air.


Completing the Himalaya Challenge will put your stamina and energy levels to the test. You will have to climb a 12-meter-high wall as part of this activity. You will have picturesque views of the Ghaf Tree Forest at the summit. It is an excellent destination to click some Instagrammable pictures.

Noticeably, it will give your fatigued mind a break from workplace stress, boosting your mood. Exhaustion and rage established due to excessive workload or working overtime will vaporize your mind and body. Moreover, it is a suitable location to unwind and engage in mindfulness. You will feel your muscles relaxing and your mental endurance improving.

Time To Hit Back With A Greater Force!

It is high time for you to tackle your workplace stress by immersing yourself in outdoor activities, especially when they offer countless advantages. You can let your frustration and rage out and take a deep breath at Aventura Parks. Its exhilarating activities will liberate you and give you a moment to reconnect with your surroundings.