Aventura’s Field Trips  – Learning Infused With Adventure

Mar 25, 2022
field trips

The words “Field Trips” bring to mind days of timeless fun, learning and socializing. Perhaps, one might be reflecting upon it while they reminisce about their grade 5 school trip to an amusement park.

If you are a teacher, your planner is filled with details about organizing a museum trip. Meanwhile, children and teenagers are running around their parents to sign the permission slip.

All these emotions and actions highlight field trips as a means of learning infused with adventure. Such trips purpose to enhance understanding of what students have learned in a conventional classroom by giving them a hands-on experience.

Explore, Learn And Dive Into Fun With Aventura’s Field Trip Programs

Aventura Parks, an amusement park in Dubai set in the middle of nature, offers field trips and educational programs. The objective is to let the student see, touch, smell and experience, which was just a mere line in an English textbook, a picture on a classroom wall or a mathematical problem on the board.

In addition, it enhances the cognitive development of students. Such school field trip programs encourage students to make crucial problem-solving decisions and ignite their creativity and imagination. They become well-equipped to see a destination and its elements from a critical perspective. Hence, this unique and customized learning opportunity makes students feel empowered by self-choice and self-control.

Need more convincing? Read the following benefits of learning in nature and gauge the importance of field trips:

1. Embrace The Reality To Expand Worldview

Embarking on Aventura’s learning field trips and submerging students into cultural experiences set in the national Ghaf tree forest will be invaluable for development and understanding. It produces a perspective that cannot be taught in a conventional classroom; it can only be experienced for oneself.

Notably, it is difficult to impart passion in learning a new language, understanding a culture or acknowledging how a current world affair impacts a student. However, children from different cultural backgrounds come together in an outdoor play area. During play, the language and cultural barriers are taken down. 

Consequently, they develop an understanding of each other’s cultures and language. It triggers creativity and ideas with them that stems from the comforts and habits dissimilar from others.

2. Deepen The Engagement

Learning is more than just memorizing facts and retaining information for examination. Instead, when a teacher builds the learning process around the memorization of facts, students tend to lose the material. The facts fall short in passing from the current to the future generation.

For instance, a student may memorize a long list of mathematical formulas. Still, if they do not understand how to apply formulas, their knowledge would be irrelevant and quickly slip from their mind.

Aventura’s field trip and educational program, Amazing Race, can help students engage with the mathematical topics to make them relevant. This program emphasizes teamwork and compass work in order to complete the Amazing Race around 35,000 square meters of desert forest.

Furthermore, the field trips can get a practical look at flora and fauna of the UAE at Aventura Parks. It will develop empathy among students towards natural elements. They get to see firsthand how plants and animals they have been learning about in Biology may be living and how it is relevant to their future career field.

3. Enhanced Critical Thinking

Field trips encourage students to think out-of-the-box and yield unique and effective ideas. Looking at a playground and players motivates one to evaluate the situation for generating a solution critically, thereby unexpected situations stimulate critical thinking among students.

Even basic queries like, “What’s going on in the game?” and “What was player 1 attempting to achieve?” may stimulate ideas and dialogues with long-term consequences. Teaching kids to notice what is going on around them is crucial for developing strategic thinking.

Suffice it to say, Aventura Parks’ field trip programs encourage interactive and imaginative play, which intends to help children exercise their minds. Furthermore, it helps develop the abilities necessary to solve issues and think critically about what they see and hear.

Buckle Up Yourself To Enjoy The Amusements Of Field Trips

Packed with thrill, excitement and learning, field trips at Aventura Parks offer ample recreations for everyone who wants to understand the terminologies’ underlying meanings written in bold on textbooks. These well-designed educational programs will focus on the character development of the children. They are crucial to preparing children for the practical world.

So, get in touch with Aventura Parks to avail benefits of their field trips and educational programs.