Experience Lit Nights at Aventura Parks: Adventuring Under The Stars!

Mar 13, 2024
Experience Lit Nights at Aventura Parks

While you must’ve explored nature in the beauty of the day, there’s something surreal about cherishing the outdoors in the nighttime. If you’re curious to relish the moment, lit nights at Aventura Parks are here to take you on this exhilarating journey under the stars.

Imagine wandering through the stunning Ghaf Tree Forest, lit in all its glory, long after the sun has set. That’s exactly what Aventura’s latest offering Glow in the Park offers. If you’re a star-lover, this is your chance to enjoy the illuminated wonders of Dubai’s most exciting adventure park.

The purpose is to provide a one-stop solution for entertainment and education, for both youngsters and adults. Before we dive into the excitement, here’s what you need to know about this premium offer. 

What To Expect From Lit Nights at Aventura Parks?

Glow in the Park presents the perfect way to excite your adventure! A wide range of activities are available for all ages and interests. Therefore, you can expect thrilling activities and plenty of other entertainment options to keep you engaged. Let’s take a closer look at the details below.

What Are The Details?

Lit Nights at Aventura Parks officially kicked off on 1st March, marking the beginning of an unforgettable journey. Know that the offer is only valid from 5-9 PM on Friday and Saturday evenings. So. It’s better to mark your calendars and get ready to experience the sunset like never before.

What’s Included?

Every Adventure Park ticket purchase gives you easy access to a world of lit excitement. But that’s not all! As a part of this special offer, you’ll receive some incredible perks to enhance your experience as a guest at Aventura Parks. 

Two Neon Bracelets 

We bet you must’ve worn trendy yet vibrant bracelets that complement your outfit as a child or teenager. What if we tell you we’re back with the most cherished trend? Our stylish neon bracelets are the first accessory to flaunt during the lit nights at Aventura Parks. These bracelets are bound to shine in the dark, lighting up the night with your presence. 

Refreshing Lemonade 

Amid the excitement, we’ll keep you hydrated with our refreshing lemonade as you conquer the park’s challenges. From soaring zipline to tree climbing and various team-building activities, dehydration is bound to happen. But the good news is that our complimentary lemonade keeps you fresh and energized throughout the journey. 

Face Painting Session

Whether you’re a kid, teenager, or an adult, it’s never too late to relish the thrill of face painting. With our customized and colorful face-painting session, you may get into the spirit of the adventure. Our talented artists are here to transform your face into a work of art, regardless of age.  

What’s The Process?

When it comes to booking your tickets for lit nights at Aventura Parks, it’s as easy as pie! Firstly, you need to purchase your adventure park tickets online or at the entrance. 

As soon as you purchase, the included perks will be automatically added to your experience. However, arrive between 5 and 9 PM on Friday or Saturday to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Get Ready For Adventures Under The Moonlight!

At Aventura Parks, every moment is an opportunity for adventure and natural discovery. Whether you’re soaring high with our thrilling zipline or navigating your way through high ropes courses, lit nights at Aventura Parks promise to provide you with an unforgettable guest experience. So, book your tickets today and let the adventure begin!