Breaking Fast Under The Stars: A Ramadan Iftar To Remember!

Mar 13, 2024

Ramadan is just around the corner, which is an overwhelmingly special time of year for Muslims worldwide. It involves fasting during the day and engaging in spiritual reflection during the night.

This year, Aventura Parks excitedly announced a unique way to break your fast during Ramadan by hosting an iftar buffet for corporate entities and families in the heart of nature. Our Ramadan iftar experience promises to be memorable, with delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and a peaceful atmosphere for a minimum of 20 persons.

But the iftar buffet is just part of the experience. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming iftar offerings by Aventura Parks.

Our Exclusive Ramadan Iftar Buffet Packages

It’s no secret that Aventura Parks is a one-stop outdoor adventure park for guests of all ages. Being located in the serenity of the Ghaf Tree Forest is more like a Unique Selling Point (USP) with multiple stellar natural views. 

On top of it, the delightful blend of peaceful environment, exotic adventures, and scrumptious treats and beverages further add to the vibe. 

Let’s have a look at some newly launched Ramadan iftar buffet packages at the Aventura.

  •        Iftar Buffet + Chill Zone at AED 165
  •        Iftar Buffet + Park access at AED 265
  •        Iftar Buffet + Competition at AED 350 (Park Access Upgrade for just AED 50)

Booking is for a minimum of 20 people

What To Expect From Ramadan Iftar At The Aventura Parks In 2024?

Are you tired of the same old indoor iftar feasts? If so, breaking your fast among natural surroundings isn’t only refreshing but new. Aventura Parks promises to make this Holy month memorable for your troop with these remarkable facilities. Here’s how.

Refreshing Games in Outdoor Ambiance

Amid the wonderful Ghaf Tree Forest, you may indulge in refreshing outdoor games like backgammon, chess, checker, and badminton. The goal is to keep you entertained and occupied until it’s time to break your fast with delicious cuisines.

Our designated “Chill Zone” offers a fun and productive way to compete and bond with your loved ones. Surrounded by natural beauty, this peaceful escape is the perfect way to recharge and connect with nature.

Adrenaline-rushing Outdoor Adventures

The vibrant ambience of Aventura Parks features a productive evening filled with thrilling adventures. There’s much to choose from, from our 80 obstacle courses to 24 ziplines and challenges like The Leap of Faith, Cat Walk, and Himalaya.

Partake In Team-Building Activities

If you want to make your Ramadan iftar truly special, Aventura Parks is a great option. We offer various outdoor team-building activities designed to boost self-confidence and promote unity among friends and colleagues.

Our corporate team-building programs use proven tools for cognitive learning and mental strength. Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, our generous Ramadan iftar feast is something for everyone, regardless of fitness level or preference.

Savour Your Favourite Iftar Items at The Ghafé Restaurant

This holy month is all about purifying your soul and instilling the art of sharing iftar with your loved ones. When doing so there’s no better spot for this than The Ghafé Restaurant, offering everything from your favourite fruit smoothies to Arabic cultured food, including Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

The Ghafé Restaurant has specifically moulded its menu to serve our visitors, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks. Additionally, the forest views sound stunning. It’s definitely on my list of views to encounter this Ramadan.

Summing Up!

Are you looking for the best iftar meals to break your fast outside your home during Ramadan? Look no further than our exotic Ramadan offer! Our goal is to provide you with delicious meals and beverages and reconnect you with nature. Don’t wait any longer; book your tickets to enjoy our Ramadan iftar at Aventura in 2024!