“Rooted in Nature” – Aventura Parks is Profound of “Birthday & Nature Trail” Features – Cliff Poulton, GM at Aventura Parks 

Dec 19, 2021

Aventura Parks intrigues all age groups to experience a perfect blend of excitement and learning infused in the natural woodlands of Ghaf Tree forest. 

December 2021, Dubai – Aventura Parks is your answer to finding a nature retreat, without skipping the city. Regardless of the time spent in this woodland, every second adds to improving the concentration levels, physical and mental health, allowing the individuals of all age groups to learn, enjoy and thwart off from the bugging distractions and boasting mental performances. Every ounce of the time spent, walking in the natural shades of greens, blues, and browns, eases you of all the stressors; thereby, rejuvenating your mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

Every part of Aventura Parks has been carefully crafted by the experts of child development. Cliff Poulton, GM at Aventura Parks says “it is really important to make the surroundings embedded into the theme of nature”. The organizers at Aventura Parks ensured its possibility, and Cliff Poulton further elaborated on it by saying, “the surroundings embedded the themes of nature [by fabricating tents and changing them] into wooden structures [for] eco-friendly spaces.” 

While locals and tourists can explore most of the metropolitan lifestyle that Dubai offers, yet they are at far lengths of coming near the ecosystem. Something that Aventura Parks can encapsulate, ever so beautifully! With over 30 different points to study in the rich Ghaf Tree Forest of Aventura Parks, visitors learn in great detail about the forest ecosystem. 

Talking about the nature trail, Cliff Poulton briefed how they are trying to “educate our guests on the flora and fauna of the UAE”. He further elaborated that they have “over 30 informational posts with QR codes linked to our website.” This allows visitors and hikers to have in-depth knowledge about the element of the woodland ecosystem, as they begin their journey from the nature center, bird migration, boneyard, and ending the walk by visiting the domesticated rabbits. 

A 30-minute guided activity, the nature trail brings the children close to the flora and fauna of the UAE. The guide’s educational approach highlights several key species and some fascinating facts to elicit an adequate understanding of the ecosystem. Along with that, every child receives a handout of the map and an information booklet to unleash the hidden Jack Sparrow in them as they make their way across the forest. The experience is wholesome and children make lifelong friendships and interact with new species, which leaves them in awe.

Yet, there is more to the awe-inspiring elements that Aventura Parks hosts and birthday parties are an essential part of that. While offsetting the traditional take on how birthday parties are being hosted, Aventura parks adopt a different approach, as mentioned by Cliff Poulton, “to make it as seamless as we can for the parents [and] include the access to the adventure park, with over six circuits, arranged by different heights.” This experience elevates the physical and cognitive abilities thereby constituting a strong and stable personality development from an early age. 

While the young energetic souls can enjoy the fun-filled games and activities, adults and parents also get to make the most out of their time at Aventura Parks. From sitting in the natural woodland park, enjoying food in Café Chris, to listening to the chirping of the birds, Aventura Parks takes them away from the city’s hubbub and brings them closer to nature. 

About Aventura Parks 

Distanced by nature, Aventura Parks is an oasis of natural green life amidst Dubai, a metropolitan city. Embedded in the Ghaf Tree Forest, people can succumb to the mesmerizing forest ecosystem as they set on a nature trail across the park and explore the eco-friendly games to the fullest. All while unwinding themselves from the stressful and chaotic everyday routine.