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Team Building and Leadership

Keep their minds free and encourage independent teens to be team players! Aventura's outdoor activities, cutting edge methodologies and experienced facilitators help students build character, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Secondary Initiatives and Low Rope Games - Leadership

Secondary students aged 13-18 will engage in group initiatives and challenges focusing on leadership skills. Students will participate in group challenges designed to activate various elements of leadership including problem solving, decision-making and group dynamics. Students will be encouraged to actively participate, express their ideas, listen to others and process the experience through observation and debriefing questions.


Secondary and Low Rope Games -Communications

This program will focus on developing communication skills. Through a special set of group challenges, the concept of communication will be emphasized including the act of conveying information verbally and non-verbally to others using both one- way and two-way communications.


Reiss Motivation Profile

The Reiss School Motivation ProfileĀ® (RSMP) is a standardized, comprehensive assessment of a student's psychological needs, interests, motives, and life goals. The RSMP assesses 13 needs relevant to academic achievement, mindset, interpersonal relationships, and career interests.

Reiss certified master coaches use the results to identify motivational reasons for poor grades and inappropriate behavior not related to a disability - and to plan effective interventions tailored to the student's individual needs.

Teachers use the results to understand a child's interests and adapt instruction to promote a positive mindset. School counselors use the results to offer thoughtful advice to students about future career choices.



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