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Educational Programs

Complementing the skills your students will acquire while having fun, Aventura offers Nature based Education, designed by outdoor education experts.

The Nature Walk

In this program, students will explore the Park and get introduced to a variety of local flora and fauna. Through games and sensory activities, students will expand their understanding of the natural world around them.
Special focus is given to the ubiquitous Ghaf tree and aspects of its adaptability to desert life.


Predator and Prey

This is a simulation game in which students are assigned the role of an animal. They must survive by finding food and water stations while avoiding predators, disease, natural disasters and hunters. Students learn about food chains, ecosystems, energy paths and general survival techniques used in nature.


The Amazing Race

This game introduces students to the sport of orienteering, to map reading and to the use of a compass. The game incorporates teamwork challenges that must be completed in order to finish an “amazing race” around the Park.


Elementary Cooperative Games

Students will engage in group games and challenges that will focus on teamwork and communication skills. They will participate in ground-level activities that will teach students to set goals, communicate, share, trust, make decisions, solve problems and overcome challenges. Students will develop values of good citizenship and cooperative communities.


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