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What is my experience like at Aventura?

  • Book: make your reservation to secure your slot
  • Arrive: 20 minutes before the timeslot
  • Ticketing: register, and head to the Green carpet to get fitted with your Harness and PPE
  • Briefing: on your timeslot, our coaches will train you for 30 mins, guiding you through the use of the PPE
  • PLAYTIME: spend 2.5 hours exploring any of the circuits that your colored wristband allows: GREEN-Rangers, BLUE-Rangers and Explorador, RED-Rangers, Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, BLACK-Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, Extreme
  • Hang-out: in our Aventura CafĂ© to have a meal, snack, coffee and enjoy nature

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age to participate is 6 years old, and the minimum height is 1.15m.

How long do I get to stay in the Park?

The total time offered with the Harness, Carabiners, PPE is 3 hours from the start of your booking time.If you wish to stay beyond the 3 hours, the charge is AED50 per hour.

What can I do and how long does it take?

At the start of your booking time, you will receive a 30 minute training session with one of our coaches.After that, you have two and a half hours to do any of the circuits that your wrist and color allows you, as many times as you wish, in the remaining time.Each circuits takes an average of 30 minutes (more or less).

What is the Briefing or Training?

When you make a booking, your chosen timeslot is actually the start of your briefing session.One of our coaches will take you to one of our training areas, explain the different components of your Personal Protection Equipment, and show you how to use them.You will then practice it once in front of the coach.This is a mandatory training to insure that all our customers are fully autonomous and can go through the obstacles with no assistance.