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The Park

The greenest spot in Dubai, our corner in the beautiful Mushrif Park is a natural hidden gem

Nature at its finest

In an isolated and protected corner of Mushrif Park, hundreds of the famous Ghaf tree thrive in their natural habitat. Clusters, lonely and tall, small and young, the Ghaf trees in our Park live in all sorts of ways. Known for its adaptability to desert life, the Ghaf tree survives by finding water far and wide, nutrients, and using different methods to reproduce. We are lucky to witness it all in our Park. This sensitive eco-system needs protection, and we take every measure to cordon off the forests and insist that our guests stay within allocated paths.


Aventura Café

Our latest addition is the long awaited Aventura Café, offering delicious salads, great burgers and sandwiches, creative and healthy pastas, and fresh Pizzas baked in-house. Lovers of a true cappuccino, or a solid espresso, coupled with a fresh croissant or muffin will adore our Café style offerings. Our healthy food is freshly made every day, served beautifully, based on natural ingredients, and designed by our meticulous Chef and Manager Chris. Aventura Café offers both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can enjoy the Park views around you. Aventura Café also caters to groups and events with well designed packaged offers.


Aventura Facilities

In addition to the 35,000 sqm Park, and the Aventura Cafe, our facilities include:

  • Multipurpose/Conference Room that can seat up to 40 people available for private events and meetings
  • The Gathering Place (20mx10m tent with A/C) that can seat up 150 guests during events
  • Bathrooms with showers facilities

Fall to Spring

“Give me water and I will spring”.After the first rain, our Park sprouts all sorts of flowers and green grass, and is transformed into an even greener natural park than at any other time.On the occasional days with a bit of wind or light rain, put on a raincoat and head down to Aventura to experience a whole new meaning to the outdoors in Dubai.You don’t want to miss it!



Mushrif Park
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening times:
Sun - Wed / 13:00 - 22:00
Thu - Sat / 9:00 - 22:00

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