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A circuit specially designed for young children, made up of short, easy challenges, at a low height. Parents can accompany their children as they have fun exploring the circuit, if they wish.

1.15 MMinimum height

1.50-2.00 MAverage height

19No. of challenges


Designed for families where adults can join their children on bridges & zip-lines that are great fun and not too difficult. A great introduction to the world of treetop adventures.

1.25 MMinimum height

2.00-3.40 MAverage height

17No. of challenges


Now the adrenaline really starts to get going! A medium difficulty circuit for youngsters and adults, with both the height and complexity of the challenges increasing… finishing off with 3 amazing zip lines in a row.

1.40 MMinimum height

2.00-8.00 MAverage height

15No. of challenges


This is the place for the most daring! Get ready for our most famous 25 meter Tarzan jump and the amazing surfboard through the trees. A more difficult circuit in which the obstacles are the most challenging and some of the highest off the ground.

1.60 MMinimum height

3.50-9.00 MAverage height

16No. of challenges


Our most unique circuit filled with exhilarating zip-lines. The level of difficulty is low but the height is high! Buckle up and surf through the trees ending with our longest 160 meter zip-lines. The biggest thrill.

1.40 MMinimum height

5.00-10.00 MAverage height

15No. of challenges